Hike to Fagaras Mountains 7 days/6 nights
595 euro/person

Transylvania quad tour / Active tour Romania

Itinerary:Bucharest - Sibiu - Barcaciu - Negoiu - Balea Lac - Sibiu - Bucharest
Time: 7 days/6 nights
Intensity: medium/high

Nothing compares to the greatness and beauty of Fagaras Mountains.These mountains are simply mesmerizing. Cloud dragons are touching the ridges and shepherds heads . Underneath the clouds animals are grazing on slopes that You would never imagine is possible to reach for sheep and shepherds. The trail is for every adventurer with a good physical shape. This is an ideal itinerary for travelers who are seeking challenges , able for endurance time Trekking.
The trail offers You thrills of excitement and all the greatness of the mountain for several days. Take notice that trail proposed represent the safest and most comfortable context that You could ever experience Fagaras mountains for a long term hiking experience. These mountains are wild.
The itinerary was created to assure as much time possible on the mountain ridges assuring comfort for nights as much as possible and recovering time to overcome fatigue. It simply to enjoy the time on the mountain.
You are also lucky , You are hiking with a specialized guide! He is knowledgeable about trees flowers and wildlife. He is Your guardian. He is Young and sometimes funny and playful. Sometimes very communicative, sometimes exigent and short on words. He is highly responsible,he will keep You safe and he knows and feels the mountains.

Day 1: Arriving Bucharest and transfer to Sibiu

Arriving in the airport Otopeni – Bucharest and transfer by car/bus to Sibiu – 4 hours . Here you will meet your guide have a walking tour in Sibiu, a typical diner and overnight guesthouse in Sibiu.

Day 2: Rising Altitude to Cabana

12.00 Transfer by car/ bus / train to Brasov/Sibiu – Avrig - Poiana Neamtului.
Poiana Neamtului 900m – Avrig Valey - Cabana Barcaciu 1550m (3 ore) 12 km trek

Exploring the surroundings on the mountain.Our Trail for today is going to pass over all altitudinal layers of forest. The Carpathian forest is luxuriant And our trail follows more or less a steep forestry road.Flowers and bird song will decorate our ascent to Cabin.
Cabin is simple and basic with clean sheets and a common bedroom . His highlight is the open cuisine. The owners will prepear dinner for us. Night and dinner in Cabana.

Day 3: Lake Fresh air and amazing Landcape

Cabana Barcaciu 1600m - Avrigului Valey 1300 m - Avrigului Lake2000 m - Scara Peak 2306 m- Scarisoara Ridge- Barcaciu Cabana. 6 -8 hours (25 km trail)

This is going to be an amazing day with a spectacular divers landscape. Being a trail in a loop we will decide in what direction we will complete the trail.Dinner and overnight in the chalet.

Day 4: Forest Hike to cabana and Mountain Exploring

Barcaciu Cabana- over Puha ridge- Negoiu Cabana. 2 - 3 hours
Serbota Ridge To Serbota Peak 2331 m - Scara Refuge- Negoiu Cabana – 7-8 hours (Optional Trail)

This section is going to be short and conserve our energy offering us the chance to relief our weight of rucksacks . The idea is to enjoy lunch and coffee then Your guide will choose a trail adapted to group condition , most probably a section or the complete the following trail without heavy equipments. Hiking on Fagaras Mountain is about feeling the touch of everything. We will go for the feelings. Dinner and overnight in the chalet.

Day 5: Over the ridge Fagaras Challenge – Night in tent

Negoiu Cabana - Capra Rock - Saratii Waterfall - Ciobanului Ridge, narrow passage! – Fierastraului ridge - Caltun Refuge - Tent Camping

This is the day when things get serious and terrain looks like You are walking on the surface of Mars. We have two difficult section to pass , but with care and skill this will be our challenge. On good weather everything should be perfect. Wet weather is a challenge and strong winds on the edge may add thrills to our adventure. Enjoying the night on the mountain comes more as a necessity after a long climb and a rough section. Theoretically there is enough time to reach Balea , but this might be a serious challenge in lack of time...just to be sure It is more adventurous and safer to take one stop in the middle. That will offer us a chance to have a more intimate contact with Fagaras Mountains. Picnic dinner on the mountain and night in tentIf the refuge is open and available we can use it...more as an emergency.Your guide will carry the tents so You do not have to. This is the point when your isoprene and sleeping bag are going to be useful.

Day 6: Return to civilization

Camping site Caltun - Under Laita peak to Paltinul - Over Paltinul Ridge - Transfagarasan - Tunel Balea – Balea Lake – Buteanu Sadle - Capra Lake - Transfagarasan

An early wake up more than sure will mark our morning. Cofee will be prepared and breakfast on the primus lamp. We had skipped the rough terrain section . Our trail si going to be simple and spectacular. Well, it is not just a return , it is a complete Journey on the mountain , enjoying the landscape and good energies of the surroundings. Return to civilization offers us the chance to enjoy lunch in the crowded resort close to Balea Lake. I think a warm shower and a room will be more than welcomed after this experience. Our dinner will be at Balea in one of the available cabanas. Night in Cabana.

Day 7: The Goodbye Hike

Balea Cabana- Buteanu Sadle- Glaciar Lake Capra 2203m - Vanatoarea lui Buteanu Peak (optional) 2505m

You must see Capra Lake! This is our last objective to reach on Fagaras Mountains. This will be a special relaxing day on the mountain slopes. We will return to Balea resort where we can meet our transfer driver getting us to Sibiu and then to Bucarest airport.

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Other tour details and advices for our travelers:

Fagaras mountains are spectacular and can be enjoyed safely taking propers decisions ,assuming physical endurance , and PROPER MINIMUM EQUIPMENT. That means long trouses even for sunny days, good grip boots. Clothing for warm 20-30 degrees temperatures, mandatory a head cover( risk of sun burns and insolation), clothing for cold wealth weather( long rain coat and not just waterproof jackets , sweeter, exchange clothing) lighter, head torch , textile thin gloves. Add sweets and some light snacks for every day on the mountain( nuts, chocolate, dried salted meat, fish cans, biscuits.).

Sleeping bag and thermic insulation layer(isoprene) is mandatory. You will feel warmer if You have a liner for sleeping bag. Your guide will check everything in Your luggage and suggest solutions. He will be caring the tents to spend the unique night on the and picnic for You to enjoy on the mountain. We recommend a minimum additional traveling luggage as much as possible. So,clothings for travelling and the city ( had bag, small troller). If needed this luggage will be stored for 6 days in town. We recommend our travelers to be practical.

Fagaras Mountains are a castle of water, many springs sprouting from the valey s bedrock. Water is almost microbiological pure and has the perfect Ph, meaning 7. Drinkable water is available on the mountain from natural springs and there is also the chance to buy water and other drinks from cabanas. Snow usually melts completely in the midle of may. Sometimes coming back in August September just to paint the ridges in white again and to be melted in the following days.

As a result The tour is available for 6 moths between 15 th of may and 15 th of September.

Summer days are warm and pleasant, perfect for hiking at high altitude often bringing 20 degrees temperatures or even more. When rain comes temperature can drop significantly in minutes just above freezing level when You are more than 2000 m high on the Carpathian ridges.. This tour is not suitable for travelers with asthma, hart problems, diabetics, for children or third age travellers (lack of physical endurance). Recommended for trallers 16+ to 55 years old.

Fagaras contains 11 peaks over 2000 meters. The highest is Moldoveanu peak 2544 m and it is situated in a very rough dangeurous section having no relation with the trail proposed. We can see it from the distance. Please do not be tricked by figures, or search or ask to reach the highest point. The trail is more important, the beauty, the flowers, the intricate trails.The challenge is 1200 m altitude difetrence level up to 2500m. Double your physical effort for Your descend, the descent beying more energy consuming than going up.

In summer everything is luxuriant green and is like being at the Ecuator, even rocks are black sometimes, midday often bringing rain offering an amazing scenery. That is why a proper long rain coat is suitable . Cloud dragons are bringing rain on the ridges and lightning with powerfull winds, due to the fact that Fagaras Mountans are blocking general atmospheric air currents perpendicular on air flow.

Your dedicated guide is a trustful companion and he will try his best to reach all objectives and keep You safe. He also might adapt the itinerary, offering alternative trails on other Mountains or other tourist attractions in case needed or challenge travelers with other trail sections to see and explore!

Don’t forget! Our guide will adapt the tour if needed, there are always alternative ways to get from a point to another.

Map of our Trail:

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