Slow food vacation in Transylvania - 7 days/6 nights
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Duration: 7 days/6 nights
Itinerary: Bucharest - Harman(6nights) - Bucharest
Total distance: 1200 km

Day 1: Bucharest - Harman (200km)

Peles castle Harman guesthouse

Arrival in Bucharest airport and departure to Prahova Valley to Sinaia, a beautiful mountain resort, also known as the “Pearl of the Carpathians”. Here we will visit Romania’s most exquisite castle - Peles Castle, a royal palace built as a summer residence for the first king of Romania, Carol I. Perched upon a rolling green hill and set against the stark beauty of the Carpathian Mountains, this magnificent castle appears to be extracted directly from a Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale.

The castle was built in 1875 in a German Renaissance style. Each room was furnishes to reflect a different European country. The edifice is surrounded by a terraced garden.The terraces of the castle, conceived in the late Italian Renaissance style are decorated with statues, vessels, columns and fountains. In the evening we arrive in Harman (Honigberg) where a home made dinner will be waiting and overnight accommodation in a typical country guesthouse.

Day 2: Harman - Brasov – Poiana Brasov – Prejmer – Harman (50km)

Brasov Prejmer citadel

Today we head directly to Brasov town. Visit of the old town of Brasov (Kronstadt) at the foothills of Mount Tampa. Brasov is one of the seven cities founded by the Saxons in Transylvania in the 12th century when they were invited to Transylvania to guard the mountain passes. You can have a stroll through the medieval streets of Brasov, visit the Black Church, Europe’s most eastern Gothic church, visit its famous Council Square where the legend said that when the Pied Piper enticed the children from Hameln in Germany, they vanished underground and emerged in Transylvania near the Council Square.

12 km from Brasov there is Poiana Brasov, a beautiful mountain resort for the mountain lovers where one can go trekking, mountain biking or skiing during winter. In the afternoon visit of Harman citadel and of Prejmer fortified citadel, the biggest and the oldest in Transylvania. Return to Harman, home made dinner and overnight.

Day 3: Harman – Bran – Rajnov – Zarnesti - Harman (100km)

Bran castle Trekking

Drive to Bran to visit its castle known as 'Dracula's castle’. The castle is perched atop a 60m peak in the centre of Bran village, as a fortress to protect the commercial route connecting the area to the town of Campulung. The castle is perfectly fitted to the rock it is raised on the building being integrated to the rock, which served as a pillar up to the 4th level. The edifice is provided with 4 towers corresponding to the 4 cardinal points. The bridge makes the access over a ditch dug in the rock. The castle was built to defend the Bran mountain pass against Turks, and was used also as a summer royal residence by Queen Marie of Romania, the granddaughter of Britain's Queen Victoria.

At the foot of the castle there is an ethnographic museum, which enlightens the visitors as to the trades of the place, the traditional costumes and construction styles. After visiting the castle we continue our journey to Rasnov to climb up the steps that leads you to the dramatic 13th century hilltop fortress, built by the local population against Tartar and Turkish invasions.

Afternoon walk (2 – 3 hrs) in the Pestera- Magura area, exploring the villages where traditional occupations such as sheep farming , wool weaving and cheese making are still in use and enjoying the spectacular views of the mountains: Bucegi on one side and Piatra Craiului on the other. Piatra Craiului Mountains - flanked by vast areas of natural forest that contain a healthy population of wolves and bears - are some of the wildest mountains in Europe. Descend walking from Pestera village to Zarnesti, a small town at the foot of Piatra Craiului Mountain (King Rock’s Mountain). On the way we will stop to visit the impressive chasm of the 'Prapastiile Zarnestilor' limestone gorge, which is best seen by wandering through it on foot. Return to Harman (Honigberg) for dinner and overnight accommodation in the country guesthouse.

Day 4: Harman – Sighisoara – Biertan – Harman (300km)

Sighisoara Biertan

We continue our way traveling through traditional Saxon villages, with large fortified churches, to Sighisoara, one of the best preserved medieval citadels in Europe. The medieval citadel is perched on a hillock and is fortified with a 14th century wall. Here you will have probably the only opportunity in Europe to walk the streets of a genuine medieval town.Here we will visit the Clock Tower with its History Museum and its superb view of Sighisoara from the walkway on the top, the house where Vlad the Impaler (alias Dracula) was born, the Church on the Hill – Sighisoara’s most important monument, a gothic Lutheran church dating from the 14th century.

Late afternoon drive west to visit the impressive Saxon fortified church at Biertan which is perched on a hill. Biertan is considered to be among the most fantastic of the Saxon heritage in Transylvania. The fortified church is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The eastern bastion of the church was not only for defence but it used to be also a prison for the men or women who wanted to divorce. They were kept there only with bread and water till they will change their mind about divorcing. It is said that in 300 years only one divorce was recorded. If time allows, in the evening you can rent bikes in the village and go exploring the surrounding villages.Return to Harman (Honigberg) for overnight accommodation at The Country Hotel.

Day 5: Harman – Sibiu – Harman (300km)

Sibiu Harman guesthouse

Drive to Sibiu, crossing again the Saxon Transylvania area on its western side. Sibiu/Hermannstadt is perceived as a city of art and culture, in 2007 was the European capital of culture. A great number of cultural monuments, a diversity of museums, and various artistic and cultural events, make up the pillars of a complex cultural profile.

The city has two easily walk able levels: the 'upper town', which contains most of Sibiu's historic sights, and the 'lower tower', which is a charming wasteland of old houses and cobbled squares. Connecting the upper and lower towns are dozens of tunnels, stairways and hidden passageways which will let you speechless. The old part of town centres on the magnificent Piata Mare and Piata Mica, with their painted 17th century houses. The Large Square (Piata Mare) marks the heart of the city. It's home to shops, cafes and some top tourist attractions. Sibiu contains the largest concentration of tourist attractions in Romania. In Sibiu alone are over 100 attractions of national importance and together with the surrounding area the points of interest exceed 140.Return to Harman (Honigberg) for overnight accommodation.


cooking cooking

Today in the country guesthouse you will learn the art of cooking, how to integrate organic home made cooking into your every day life. We will learn to create simple delicious menus, easy to prepare but with great impact , we will take pictures and make videos while cooking to show it to your friends and family, we will learn together, eat together and have fun together. You will appreciate the Romanian genuine cuisine, personal recipes with organic ingredients from our garden, from the farms nearby and in the evening we will also taste different types of Romanian wine.

You will learn how to bake, from confections to cakes and cookies. You will learn all about preserving and pickling then, you will be able to enjoy the flavours of summer throughout the winter. We will teach you the basics of water-bath canning which is suitable for preserving pickles, salsa's, and tomato sauce. You will also learn how to makes jams and preserves without water-baths. You will learn to make the modern sauces for the modern cooks, make your broccoli irresistible with balsamic brown butter! Transform ordinary dishes into the sublime! With just a few technical skills, you can learn to create a variety of flavourful sauces and begin to improvise. Learn to perfect the balance between the four tastes; sweet, sour, salt, and bitter. In this class, you will learn to make contemporary sauces through traditional techniques…and a lot more to taste… Diner and overnight in Harman.

Day 7: Harman – Bucuresti (200km)

breakfast guesthouse

After the delicious breakfast transfer to Bucharest airport.


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