Mini tour to the castles - 2 days/1 night
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Castles and monasteries Mini Tour / Transylvania Mini Tour / Dracula Mini Tour

Itinerary : Bucharest - Targoviste - Bran - Brasov - Sinaia - Snagov - Bucharest
Overnight stay : Brasov
Distance : 400 km
Duration: 2 days/1 night

Day 1: Bucharest - Targoviste - Bran - Brasov ( 220km )

In the morning, departure to Targoviste, the capital of Wallachia's Voivodeship , under the reign of Mircea I of Wallachia. In his time was built the royal palace (Curtea Domneasca) and after Vlad the III of Wallachia (the famous Vlad Dracula) was added the Chindia Tower, today's symbol of the city. Subsequently the capital was moved to Bucharest by Constantin Brancoveanu.

We continue to visit the famous Dracula Castle in Bran built between 1377 and 1382 on a large rock. This fortress was meant to defend and controll the most important commercial route that connected Walachia and Transylvania in the Middle Ages. However, the castle owns it's fame especially for the legend about Vlad Tepes the Impaler.

In the evening we reach Brasov, the beautiful medieval city called "the city of the crowm".

Dinner and overnight in Brasov at a local hotel.

Day 2: Brasov - Sinaia - Snagov - Bucharest ( 180 km )

After breakfast, panoramic tour of the Brasov city , an important medieval cultural center, where the first romanian language books were printed in the 16th century. Starting from the splendid Council Square, will take a guided tour of the historic center , enriched by particular civil and religious buildings, such as the Black Church, the largest Gothic church in Romania, the Council House, a 15th century building rebuilt in baroque style in the upper part after the great fire of 1689, Saint Nicolas Church which combines the Gothic style on the outside and the Byzantine style on the inside and the First Romanian School Museum of "Scheii Brasovului" hinding a great treasure of books and old manuscripts, the Gates of Schei and Ecaterina ...

Next, we are heading to Sinaia "the pearl of the Carpathians" , a royal station since the time of the first king of Romania - King Carol I.

Visit Peles royal castle built during 1873 - 1914 in German Neo-Renaissance style on the outside and Eclectic style on the inside, and summer residence of the kings of Romania. Nearby we will also visit the Sinaia Monastery which gave the name of the town, built in the Romanian Brancovenesc style.

In the afternoon we will return to Bucharest and visit the Snagov Monastery located on an island surrounded by Snagov Lake and always linked to the history of Vlad Tepes. The monastery was founded in 1408 by Mircea the Elder of Wallachia and became famous when the excavations in the archaeological site led to the discovery of a crypt later identified as Dracula's tomb.

Return to Bucharest by evening.



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