Dental services and implant dentisty up to 75% less in Romania


Dental treatments and dental implants are very well developed dental services in Romania in the last decade. The rapid development of this service has imposed an array of dental treatments to European standards. Also the dental treatments go hand in hand with the Romanian tourism offering the patient-tourists at the same time a useful and pleasant holiday.

Our patients, most often from the EU benefit from treatments of Western standards, with the latest equipment, as part of our dental clinic. The major patient benefits are the reduced treatment costs up to 75% and the same standards of Western treatments. In plus patients can take advantage of the available time to visit Romania's capital Bucharest, travel to Transylvania, combine dental care with a beautiful holiday in Romania.

Our treatments consist of the: prosthetic,estetics, implantology, orthodontics, paradontal, periodontal treatments, radiology and endodontics. Each customer will have a free consultation followed by a tailor-made and personalized treatment.

In our dental clinic work young doctors open to the news of the field with several specialization internships. Amenities at our clinic are of the last generation, the allocations of supplies are in accordance with European standards. The units of sterilization are of EU origin. The equipment is verified and credited monthly by the Romanian Ministry of Health.