Reservation, terms and conditions


The prices are groups consisting of a minimum of 2 and maximum of 8 persons. Should more than 8 persons wish to join the tour, the price will be recalculated and a tour subsequently arranged. Our tour is both personalized and flexible and so the programs can be extended with extra nights, the itinerary can be changed according to your wishes or particular travel requirements.


Bookings are taken by writing directly to CIAO ROMANIA via email at . The TRAVEL AGENCY will send a signed contract to the TOURIST containing details of all requested services, hotel bookings, transfers, tours and packages. Bookings are finally confirmed when a min.25% advance has been paid by bank transfer and when you have received a final written confirmation from CIAO ROMANIA. From this moment onwards a travel agreement exists between the parties.


CIAO ROMANIA requests a minimum 25 % of the total amount in advance by money transfer 4 weeks before departure. After receiving the advance, you will receive a written confirmation from CIAO ROMANIA. The rest of the total amount is to be paid by bank transfer 2 weeks before the arrival or directly upon arrival in Romania, at which time when both parties will also sign the original contract. After paying the advance the agency will send you a final written confirmation.


CIAO ROMANIA is a liable tour operator. The company acts on behalf of transportation companies, airlines and hotels/ guest houses etc. included in the tour arrangements and is not liable for circumstances affecting the above companies etc., or for delays or losses, damage or costs incurred by circumstances beyond our control. CIAO ROMANIA is responsible only for the selling of the tourism services as described in the Tourist Program attached. It’s solely responsible for the obligations as the intermediary. We also reserve the right to make changes to the itinerary and Tourist Program attached to this contract with the customer's safety and comfort in mind.

Client's obligations

The TOURIST must have a valid travel document/passport when traveling to Romania and respect the internal regulations while travelling within Romanian territory (in the hotels, restaurants etc), pay the outstanding part of the total price on the day of his arrival and follow the advice and instructions of the guide during the tour and follow the rules of the house during their stay in Romania.

Travel agency’s obligations

CIAO ROMANIA is obligated to perform its duties reasonably and with ordinary care in providing the requested travel services. The TRAVEL AGENCY will notify the CLIENT of any change or variation to the travel services purchased. The agency has the right to change the hotel/guest house or other requested services with a hotel/pension of either the same standard or a higher one, after the client’s confirmation. The TRAVEL AGENCY is not responsible for any last minute changes to the program, due to forced or unpredictable events or due to major force. In this case the agency will find the best solution possible for its client.

Client's cancelation

For individuals the cancellation must be submitted in writing at least 4 weeks before the tour. We will refund 100% price of the tour price minus the bank transfer costs. If the cancellation is being made later, from 4 weeks to the departure date, the sum paid in advance will not be refunded or will be blocked as an advance for a subsequent trip to Romania.

Agency's cancelation or changes

The agency has the right to change the hotel/guest house or other requested service with a hotel/guest house of the same standard or a higher one, after the client’s confirmation. The differences will be paid by the agency. The agency has the right to cancel the trip if they do not receive the minimum number of participants. The clients will be informed beforehand, a new rate recalculated and a decision made as to whether the tour will take place or not. The agency has the right to cancel the services if prior to or during the holiday extraordinary circumstances happen that could not be avoided or removed. In this case the agency is obliged to promptly inform the client about the change to the reservation or of any cancellation, and in the impossibility of finding alternative solution, to give back the advance less the bank charges or recalculate the rate.

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