Castles tour in the Carpathians - 7 days/6 nights
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Itinerary: Bucharest - Sinaia - Sighisoara - Alba Iulia - Sibiu - Bran - Bucharest
Duration: 7 days/6 nights
Distance: 1600 km

The Carpathian Mountains hide legends, miths and the history of a nation... But what is conserved untill today, surrounded by mystery are its castles and its fortresses "so fantastic and dramatic that they seem unreal". We offer you now a vacation searching the leggend and discovering the history of the Romanian people.

1 Day: Bucharest - Sinaia ( 110km )

Arrival to the airport of Bucharest. Departure to Prahova Valley with its winter resort Sinaia, “the Pearl of the Carpathians”. Here we will visit the most beautiful castle in Romania in Bavarian style,Peles Castle, summer residence of king Carol Ist. Nearby there is the Pelisor Castle, built for Ferdinand and Mary, heirs of King Carol I and decorated by queen Mary in art nouveau style.

Dinner in a local restaurant and overnight in Sinaia in a stylish villa/hotel overlooking the mountains.

2 Day: Sinaia - Brasov - Sighisoara ( 160km )

In the morning departure to Sighisoara, the most beautiful medieval city of Romania and the town where Vlad the Impaler was born. Here, at midnight one of the seven statues emerges from the bell of the Clock Tower.

Afterwards departure to Brasov, one of the most beautiful medieval cities in Transylvania. Visit of the historic center: the Black Church, the Council Square, the old quarter Schei, the Caterina Gate that separated the Romanians from the Saxons in the Austro-Hungarian occupancy period.

On the way visit of the beautiful villages Viscri with its fortress, remained untouched till the 15-th century, which is why it is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage.

Arrival in Sighisoara where you will enjoy its medieval atmosphere, its corners and narrow streets full with antiquaries and souvenirs. Visit of the historical center of the city surrounded by towers and walls, among which stands the Clock Tower. Walk up the stairs that lead to the oldest school with panoramic view.

Dinner in the Count Dracula restaurant, in the house where Vlad Tepes was bord, now a medieval restaurant serving Dracula's specialties/ or in small romantic medieval style restaurant with home made dishes. Overnight in Sighisoara in a a medieval-style hotel located near Dracula's house.

3 Day: Sighisoara - Biertan - Alba Iulia ( 150 km )

In the morning, departure to Biertan, an exemple characteristic for the fortress-church family, one of the 300 fortified churches built between the 14th and 16th centuries. The Citadel of Biertan, placed high on a hillock right in the centre of the village surrounded by two and a half walls connected by a covered stairway was defended by triple walls, 6 towers and 3 bastions. Even today, one of the 3 entrances in the church has 19 locks.

Next city is Medias - with its Tower that remembers the Tower of Pisa. Arrival in Alba Iulia, the spiritual capital of Romania, with its enormous citadel, the last one built in Transylvania (XVIII th century ) in Vauban style. In Alba Iulia in 1918 was finally proclaimed the Unification of Romania. Visit of the Cathedral of the Unification.

Dinner and overnight in Alba Iulia in a nice villa/hotel.

4 Day: Alba Iulia - Hunedoara - Sibiu ( 250km )

In the morning we will visit the Castle of Matei Corvin ( Hunedoara Castle ), the most impressive Gothic castle in Romania, its sumptuous home but also a strategically enforced point. In the yard of the castle, near the chapel built also during Iancu de Hunerdoara's ruling, is a well, 30 meters deep. The legend says that this fountain was digged by three Turkish prisoners, to whom their liberty was promised if they reach water. After 15 years, when they have finished the well, the masters did not kept their promisse. It says that the inscription from the wall of the well means "you have water, but not soul".

Direction Sibiu, one of the most important medieval and cultural cities in Romania. In 2007 Sibiu was the European capital of culture, an open air museum! We will have a panoramic tour including: the Big Square, the Little Square and the Huet Square.

Sibian dinner and overnight in Sibiu, stylish villa/ hotel.

5 Day: Sibiu - Fagaras - Bran ( 170km )

Departure in the morning for the Citadel of Fagaras, one of the largest and best preserved feudal citadels of Europe built in the fourteenth century, then turned into a defense castle and then into a princely residence.

We continue with the fortified citadel of Rasnov, from the XIIIth century, founded by the Teutonic knights and perched on a hill. After lunch we arrive in Bran at the Dracula's Castle, famous worldwide for the bloodthirsty Prince Vlad Tepes. For the Romanians, the castle is famous for the beloved guest - Queen Mary - who spent her summers here, away from court life.

Traditional dinner and overnight in a particular country residence with beautiful view on the mountains.

6 Day: Bran - Bucharest (170km)

Departure to Bucharest in the morning. Arrival in the capital and panoramic tour of the city including: The palace of Ceausescu today the Parliament, the Cotroceni Palace the presidens’ residence, the Revolution Square with its beautiful Atheneum Roman and the Royal Palace, the avenue Kiseleff with the Trimphal Arch, the little brother of the one in Paris, the Victoria Square and Victoria Avenue filled with casinos, luxury shops and old French style buildings, Dambovita Quay with the beautiful Palace of Justice, the impressive Military Academy, University Square, Unity Square with its boulevard 1 meter larger then Champs’ Elisée etc.

Special dinner in a historical restaurant Bucharest, the oldest brewery "Caru cu bere" located downtown Bucharest. Walk through the historic center. Overnight in Bucharest hotel.

7 Day: Bucharest

Free time and transfer to the airport.

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